Net Protector Antivirus in 5 Editions

  • Net Protector India’s favourite and preferred security software, launched in 5 flavours.
  • For Business and Office Networks, it is recommended to install the Z-Security Edition with Ultimate features, while other users looking for a cost-effective solution can option for Internet Security Edition.
Product Name Antivirus Protection Internet Security Total Security Total Security Premium Z-Security
Protection Antivirus Protection Internet Security Total Security Total Security Premium Z-Security
Antivirus & Anti-Malware: Multilayered protection against all types of viruses
Application Control: Scans malicious Applications
Cloud Protection: Cloud Technology to Secure the System
Data Protection: Removable Drive Copy Policy
Online Protection: Shield protects infection from all sources
OS Protection: Protects Operating System Files
ZV-Fort Protection: Prevents Spreading of unknown Threats
Email Protection: Scans incoming POP3 mails, attachments
LAN Updates: Save Internet Bandwidth, Share updates
Advertise Blocker: Stop annoying Pop-Up in Browsers
Data Backup: Automatic backup of Important Documents
LAN Protection: Monitors threat attacks over network
Share Protection: Protects Shared Folders
IDS: Protect your system from any Malicious Network Activities
Safe Application Mode: Use this feature to block new unknown and unwanted apps
Priority Updates: Fast Updates for Solutions
Anti-Ransomware Shield: Protects from Ransomware
Data Leak Prevention: Protects confidential Documents/Data against Theft/Leakage
Device Control: Protects confidential data by locking Removable Drives/Smartphones
Accounting Software Backup (Tally) 10 GB Cloud Backup
Web Security Antivirus Protection Internet Security Total Security Total Security Premium Z-Security
Anti-Phishing: Blocks fraud Banking Links / pages
Email Scanner: Scans emails in Outlook
Firewall: Blocks Inbound / Outbound Connections
Fix Spyware Alerts: Identifies new Spyware
Intrusion Detection: Identifies new and suspicious file
Parental Control: Ensure appropriate and safe usage of Internet, applications and devices for your child through NPAV's Parental Control.
Secure Search: Scans Search Engine Results
Website Blocker: Add web-sites to Block List
Web Shield: Scans Web Pages for Viruses
Email Backup: Backup of offline mail clients
Secure Shopping: It helps user to shopping and banking securely
Virtual Keyboard: Useful against key loggers
Web Control : Allow or Block websites based on Time & Category remotely from webconsole Block https secure sites
System Tunner Antivirus Protection Internet Security Total Security Total Security Premium Z-Security
Block Windows Games: Disables Standard Windows Games
OS Doctor: Repairs OS Files
Process Spy: Identifies new / unwanted applications
Registry Backup: Takes automatic system snapshot
Self Defense: Protects Net Protector Files
Clean SysVol: Frees up Disk Space
Data Encrypt: Protect your confidential Files
Delete Temp. Files: Free Space, Improves Speed
Optimize: Tunes System for Fast Performance
Privacy Control: Cleans up Traces & History
User Backup: Add any important file for Auto Backup
Vulnerability Scan: Checks / installs Critical OS Patches, Fixes
Junk Cleaner: It clear all data from your computer
Disk Checker: Scans Drives for bad sectors/errors on the disk
Performance Monitor: Advanced task manager to View/Kill running applications
Premium Support: Get the support on priority from higher level team
Drive Backup: Useful to take Backup/Restore of all drives
Startup Manager: View/Manage startup entries and services
Unhide Folder: Useful to unhide folders
Privacy Antivirus Protection Internet Security Total Security Total Security Premium Z-Security
Privacy Control: Cleans up Traces & History
Webcam Protection: Prevents applications and malware from accessing your webcam
Data Encrypt: Protect your confidential files
Two Factor Authentication: Secure your sensitive data from unauthorized access with NPAV's Two factor Authentication.
Web Tracking Protection: Anti-tracker Keeps You Away from Private Data Collection and Targeted Advertisement.
File Shredder: Application to shred and permanently delete unwanted files
File Locker: Prevent unauthorized access, Keep data safe and secure files
Microphone Protection: Detect and Prevents Applications, Web Browser, Malwares
NP Fast Search: Search document and locate a file on local disks easily and instantly.
Screen Lock Protection:Protection against malware that block user access to the computer
Price ₹ 900 ₹ 975 ₹ 1250 ₹ 1500 ₹ 1950
Best Buy ₹ 500 ₹ 650 ₹ 750 ₹ 850 ₹ 1850