Smart Network Manager

Net Protector Tablet Security

Smart Network Manager is a tool for system admins to manage each windows PC in the network without actually visiting the PC.

Manage all computers (endpoints) and servers in your office LAN. System admins can now use this Secure and Smart Network Manager a product from leading Cybersecurity firm and AntiVirus brand NPAV.

  • Check which PCs are Online / Offline
  • Monitor and secure open ports which are not needed
  • Check and monitor security holes due to open ports
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Features of Smart Network Manager

Hardware and OS component details

  • Processor Type and Speed
  • RAM and Disks
  • Operating System Edition and Version
Net Protector Tablet Security
Net Protector Tablet Security

Endpoint running Processes

  • Get the real-time status of the running process on connected endpoints
  • Monitor process consuming heavy memory / CPU usage
  • Easy to kill/ block

Shutdown, wakeup or sleep endpoints on single click

  • Save power and put to sleep work at home PCs after work hours
  • Wake Up the PCs when required.
Net Protector Tablet Security

User login / Sign-in Details for each PC

  • Get the list of users Local Windows Login users
  • Get status of their last login
  • When was last password changed for that user

Endpoint installed services list

  • Get the real-time status of installed services on connected endpoints
  • Easy to manage ( start service, stop service) installed services on connected endpoints.
  • Protect or unprotect any service from the server.
  • Allow to start and stop certain services by limited user
Net Protector Tablet Security
Net Protector Tablet Security

Real-time Endpoint directory explorer

  • System Admins can view directory structure without disturbing the user
  • They can check for any folders and files present on each drive
  • view any directory structure on the server-side in directory explorer on single click
  • Get all the information of the directory files like size, created date, modified date, attributes in list view, detail view and also in small, medium, large icons

Asset information

  • Get and view all endpoints hardware information in details
  • Detailed windows user information
  • Show inventory and tracking of hardware provides administrators with detailed insight into devices and assets used on the corporate network
Net Protector Tablet Security
Net Protector Tablet Security

Endpoints command terminal

execute any windows command on the server for any endpoint and get instant real-time output on the server

Password Management

  • secure and automate the process for managing local administrative or common user passwords on endpoints
  • admin can set the endpoint's password from server in easy steps.
  • Strong password policies, regular password resets
  • Logging of all the password change activities in the vault.
  • Track the password changed activities of any endpoint.
Net Protector Tablet Security
Net Protector Tablet Security

Software Management

  • Get the installed softwares list of the connected endpoints.
  • Install any sofware using Smart Network Manager console on any endpoints in the network through single click.
  • Uninstall unwanted software installed at any endpoint using Smart Network Manager.