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NPAV Products
Net Protector
Total PC Security

  NPAV Products

Net Protector AntiVirus + Internet Security
for Home PC Edition :

Net Protector AntiVirus incorporates a very strong Anti-Virus and Internet Security to defend your Home PC from all such attacks and threats.
Anti-Virus Anti-Hijack    
Anti-Spyware Email Backup    
Anti-Spam Internet Security    
Anti-Malware Browser Repair    
Anti-RootKit FireWall  

Net Protector AntiVirus for Laptop Edition :

Install Net Protector and use your Laptop for connecting to various devices safely. Net Protector defends your Laptop / Notebook PC from such spyware attacks and ensures your Laptop is Healthy, fit and performing.

Net Protector AntiVirus for Network/LAN Edition :

Network / LAN is the backbone of every Office / Business today. Various departments of the Office are connected with the Local Area Network. Companies and Offices small and big run their important software's like Accounting, Billing, ERP, MIS and over the network.

Net Protector AntiVirus for Server Edition :

Server PC is the central nervous system of your Network.
Install Net Protector Anti-Virus + Internet Security for Servers and enjoy complete peace of mind.

Net Protector AntiVirus for Corporate Edition :

Complete Anti-Virus and Internet Security solutions for Corporate, Enterprises and Institutes. Deployment, Installation and Services for Corporate for your IT Infrastructure. Net Protector AntiVirus for networks incorporates protection features for Enterprise and Corporate Networks.

New Features - Central Admin Console, Complete Network Control of AntiVirus

AntiSpam for Mail Server :

Anti-Spam Pro Server compatible with all standard pop3 / smtp servers. Reduces Bandwidth Traffic on Internet And LAN.
Keeps your PCs, Network, Internet running faster & smoother. Centralised Virus Filter & Spam Filter.

AntiSpam for Single PC :

Intelligent and Fast remedy on JUNK Mails. Don't miss your important emails, Avoid clogging up your mailbox, Filters unwanted, dangerous, offensive JUNK MAILS.

 Other Products
PC Optimizer 2.0 :
Energize your PC's Performance

Today PC's get cluttered with more damaging data, junk, and extra files than ever.  This results in poor PC performance, frequent system crashes, slow Internet connections and worse. PC Optimizer makes your PC fast and stable also removes errors in your windows registry.

Web Secure :
Secure and Control Access to Internet

Internet is the life-line of all human activities like work, education, business, entertainment etc. But it is important to control and secure the internet and block out the unwanted sites.

Keep your Office / Home Secure with Web Secure.